Does anyone know how this works?


Hi Guys,

I recently came across this post by Paylater on their Facebook page:

To summarize, MTN internet subscribers and internet users can make use of the app without it affecting their data balance.

I’m curious about how this feature was implemented. How exactly does the app determine which connection you’re using to browse?
How does MTN identify internet traffic coming from a specific app and know not to deduct data charges for that app as opposed to all other internet traffic coming from other apps on a mobile device?

I’d appreciate it if any of the gurus here can provide me with some insight on this.



Am not a pro but this is what I think, there would be a kind of patnership between mtn and paylater where paylater pays upfront to mtn for people using mtn to browse their app. They my pay about 70 percent depending on the agreement but am sure they will never pay upto 100% because but parties will gain from it. Now coming to how mtn knows people using their network on paylater, paylater have their unique ip address which is common with any other app so mtn can easily track people using paylater on their network. Remember also that u can also subscribe to only whatsapp facebook etc for a weekly or monthly fee it’s almost similar


Nairabet did same too. You can contact MTN Business via their website-
The way it works is that, you pay for a specific Bandwidth per month or so and determine how much data you want to be allotted to each customer. After you subscribe, any traffic coming to your website from your customers using MTN data network is not charged.