Do we have any employee review site for Nigerian companies


Thanks all…I think I’ll take the review route




Thanks…cos I don’t check taya


Nice :grinning:


@binjoadeniran you left out one important point - when are you publishing results?


@PapaOlabode They could make the results sheet public (view only). But @binjoadeniran could argue that it will cause a premature furore, and they want to do a controlled release. But IDK. It’s an interesting gunpowder keg to be sitting on.


Thanks @binjoadeniran will check it out


Serious gunpowder! But these things have to be done. I know we hate hard truths but then, if founders are prancing about like baby Jesus, should the world not know they’re not?

In time, the affected startups/founders would see this as a favour. Culture matters and it starts with how we treat our people.


Exactly oh


I stumbled on on LindaIkeji’s blog last year.


Well done - really good that you shared publicly so quickly. Folks - get in - and :eyes: at results by yourself!

In any case, @binjoadeniran I just checked the original questions, and feel you might have balanced it out slightly by ‘attempting’ to find out if the employee was even suitable/performing at the expected level. It’s probably lacking 1 or 2 of tnose type of questions.

Anyways, good job man…really mportant that we continue to have these conversations.


Would be nice if we could have a graph/infographic of the data.

Am looking and am Wow’ed


Will check it out :blush:


Hello @binjoadeniran can I get this report as an excel document? I could only download as pdf


@binjoadeniran, the title says present & past employers, but the content/questions are written to question past experiences.


You can try too. All the best.


Build one… as you seems to know what you like to see in a company before applying…


Indeed is full of junk… they get jobs from other sites


Yes we have that on Ngcareers. Check

Still a growing service.


We have been working to grow