Developer Needed To Join The Founding Team


A start~up in the fintech sector is looking for a developer to join its team. This individual must be highly~motivated and independent but also able to work in a team.
Required skills:
HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP and other web technologies
Ability to work with databases and integrate APIs
Graphics design skilss ~ Adobe Creative Suite : Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign & Aftereffects
Bonus Skills:
Familiarity with Git
Ability to create wirefames & mock~ups
The work is mostly remote for now but residence in Lagos would be an added advantage
Compensation and perks are negotiable
Kindly send an email indicating interest and your portfolio to or just slide into the dm


Is this job for just one person.

A developer with Graphic design skills.

Also to create wireframes & mockups



Asin my jaw dropped too…just looking :anguished:


Which kind wahala be dis na! You wan kill person.
You either choose one of the listed, NOT all except u are looking for ALIEN!


This is the mistake we all make…fintech needs one person that can do everything, SMH.

My advice;

  1. Get a developer to handle your backend,
  2. Get a contract developer to handle your frontend, or better still get a template and deal with any blowback that might result from such.

At the end, either or both of you might be frustrated. I have seen this over and over again, if you have the idea, please send the money.

Don’t be pennywise and pound foolish.


What will the founding team be doing???


Wow. And I thought I was an alien…


That’s true @pythondroid if the devloper will do all this what’s the founding team doing


Just learn one reanimation jutsu and wake him up.


edo tensei has its risks bro.:joy:


Not if you’re Orochimaru. Ororchimaru knows it all.

My own problem with the post is that he didn’t even give us a clue on how much he has to offer this great developer.


Sigh… is the founding member a slave.


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