DESIGNERS on long term PARTNERSHIP with COMPANIES - your thoughts!


Hello radarns! I honestly need help to knowing how a designer can enter into partnership with a start-up or an existing business in order to provide designs on demand over a given period. How do you charge clients on such occasion?


How long is aforementioned period of time?


Oh Goodie :slight_smile: a new name. I like this one "radarns"

On your question, i think you should simply design something good looking that speaks well of the brand and present it to them, along with your offering, if they like you, you’ll get a deal.

DISCLAIMER: The above written are just my thoughts and are not backed by any practical experience whatsoever


He might be speaking from the opposite end of the table, @Habeebsulu.


I sort of assumed that he is designer, but I guess he needed a reply from that perspective.


Good morning uncle leslie! Sorry i couldn’t reply your message the last time.

Period of time would vary much but i’m certain it’d go on for about 4 weeks.


Yes! I am a designer Sir. Thank you also for your thoughts.