Data Reselling Business... I need help to understand how it works


Hello everyone.

So in a bid to make my research much easier and faster, I am here seeking help to understand how DATA RESELLING BUSINESS really works.

I already started making some research but I know it’d take much longer before I can really catch on…

You could use any of the telcos as an example for me to get it straight.

Many thanks, Mike Woka.


contact me . I run a data reselling sideline by the side .


Perfect. I’d contact you by morning


I know someone cheaper, she can give Etisalat 5gb for N2,500.

Omolola Olowu
Twitter: @Moboluwaduro
Phone: +234 703 907 1878


i was not posting to sell data . If you read what the poster said . He said he wants someone to show him how the biz works .

By the way , anyone can sell 5GB for even N2000. But he will risking what we call overselling . ( 30 people competing to use the pool of data avaiable) Some will use up there 5GB . others will have like 4Gb left that they cant use (virtual Data)


I’d like to learn how this works not buy data.

Thanks anyway.


I’ve been quite busy this week…but I’d sure contact you soon…


Why does he have to contact you privately?

Others here might be interested in learning. Isn’t that the whole point of a public forum?


This is a complete guide