Competitive programming platform for Africa?


Hi ladies and gentlemen, what do you think about having a competitive programming platform for Africa?
HackerEarth for Africa?


Why do we need one just for Africa


Competition Street Cred and financial rewards

Indicators that concern me:

  • No Nigerian representative has made it to Round 2 of Google Code Jam, albeit overall number of participants are low. reference.
  • In TopCoder’s country rankings, Egypt is the only African country among 38 countries.

I think we have peculiar challenges, like a lack of awareness of the existence of Olympiads, lack of training camps, not enough mentors and of course expensive internet issues.

This is not a comprehensive write up, I actually want us to have a conversation on the particular needs of the future Nigerian programmers.

Confession I am part of the statistics of Nigerians that failed to get to round 2 of Google code jam

Job opportunities

Coding platforms are also recruitment avenues, and I’ve been on a couple of platforms that only offer opportunities to residents of the UK, or those that hold a UK visa, residents of some part of the US and residents of India.

Yes I know a trickling of our local talents have opportunities abroad, but maybe we can do more.



So we can program in Hausa. :slight_smile:


You just had to. LOL