CO-Founder Needed


Hello, I need Co-Founder for my startup. Individuals who fall into these categories can contact me. Software developers with knowledge of android / iOS development, UI, A financial adviser, Market Research analyst. Location Abuja.

Anticipating a positive response.


Shouldn’t you tell us what problem your startup is solving and why you need people in the listed roles?


Thanks for your response, however I’d love to post it here but for some reason I can’t. At least not now. But in future it will be posted here.


Who will join you without knowing you and your startup… If you serious post your story


Sounds like you have an idea but you don’t have the money to pay people. Let me advise you through experience, just take some time to save up enough money to pay people outright to work on the idea. These things you read on TechCrunch about finding people to work for free are being written by people who live in developed countries with good welfare programs and credit systems that enable such thinking. It’ll be very tough to get Africans to work on your idea for free while the landlord is knocking and doesn’t want to hear stories


Thanks for this wonderful reply Bro. I understand that how things work in this country. I will keep you informed about the progress in future.


Thanks for your response, however I’d love to post it here but for some reason I can’t. At least not now. But in future it will be posted here.


Great advice. Thanks. :+1:


@ukabams ok keep an under your bed, until it cries out for help


Hence the reason why African startups have very short lives. My experience is that I talk, talk, talk to potential co-founders and think there is buy-in. All of a sudden they are not interested.

It can’t all be about money from the start. If that’s the case, one might as well pay other seasoned developers abroad


@ukabams, these cats are just talking smack and aren’t serious. If they were they would at least reached out to you (private message). It ain’t like you are asking to sign contracts to speak


In life there is always how things should be and how things are. This is how things are in Africa, so it’s either you try and change the system or you just play the game as it currently is. In my view, the latter choice is much easier hence I advise people to take it


Shoot me a mail…


I think you’re trying to get busy with this post. Stay away from the thread or find something meaningful to do with your time.

So you just have an idea, and the next thing you do is throw it to the public without due deligence right?

I’m also thinking you’re employed to steal people’s idea on this forum, because we are in a country where intellectual property rights doesn’t seem to work.

Please get busy with something else.


Thanks bro. It’s just a matter of time, the right people will surely reply.


You might have a dead on arrival idea… keeping it to yourself is like a sick man pretending to be well…which idea do you think will be stolen from you? building the next BIG facebook? The more you are opened to what you need co founders for, the better answers you will get… for now, you are just toothless


You get it wrong bro, Nothing is entirely new. Be advised that your negative words cannot discourage me. I just don’t understand how we Nigerians reason. Someone has made it clear what they want. If you don’t want to ask questions just move over this topic and check the next one. Thanks