Chinese VC: We don’t invest in female CEOs


Nawa o!!! the ignorance in this one is off the charts!!

“It’s not because of any kind of prejudice. Just think about it carefully […] besides giving birth to children, what can women do better than men? Nothing,” added a blog post from the VC firm summarizing Luo’s speech. “If the company CEO is a man, but a lot of the chairmen are women, we typically won’t invest in either. Why? Because it shows that the entrepreneur […] can’t recruit equally excellent and ambitious male executives.”


Wow! But that is BS!


The guy used Marissa Mayer as a test case!
There is always an example


Yahoo was ruined before Marissa came on board.


and he conveniently forgot about the likes of lynda Weinman,Susan Wojcicki,zhang xin etc.


It’s crazy that misogyny makes its way into investment too. Marissa didn’t succeed at turning the fortunes of a failing company. Big deal! How many people could have saved Yahoo? In my mind only ONE person comes to mind, and he’s dead. Steve Jobs.

Yahoo has been doomed for years. This is a silly man who just happens to be a VC. Or perhaps influenced by the Chinese society. But then again, it happens everywhere even though it’s not as pronounced as this. This is why certain successful female founders like to come together to form VCs that specifically support female entrepreneurs. VCs tend to overlook them, even American and European ones. It’s actually disturbing.



Yes he forgot. Sm1 even suggested Steve Job in saving: A man!


After my 6+ years in China, I can’t say I’m surprised at his comments.

The Chinese are pretty blunt and straightforward. No sugar coating or any of that. To a certain extent, I like it. Saves you time.

For example, if you apply for a job in a western country and they don’t want you because of your race, they’ll come up with some excuse like “You don’t meet the height requirements”… and you’re there like “But…it’s an accounting job, what height requirements? :expressionless:

In CHINA however, it’s straight up, “Sorry, we don’t hire black. We want white foreigner.” LOL

But it goes without saying, not all of them are like that.


In a twisted way it makes sense it’s better they upfront about their point of view than female founders apply and they just disqualify them for a vague reason.


A friend of mine lamented about having to give maternity leave to four(4) ladies in one year from a Team of six(6).
And he went on to speak about time-off requests due to illnesses of the new born Babies for the next 2yrs after which three of them showed up pregnant “again?”.
The story was hilarious but that is reality.
Watching a Mum or Wife, it is something that’s really hard to deal with.