Calling out for developers


Platohub is increasing its workforce of product developers. We work with highly talented UI/UX designers, frontend, back-end, and mobile Developers with skill-set in latest technologies. If you think your are a fit, Kindly send your PORTFOLIO to


I can’t exactly tell if I would be a fit because you haven’t given away anything about yourself and your website doesn’t say much about Platohub.

Questions I am thinking about?

  1. When you say latest technology, what are they?
  2. I am a back-end person, what Backend technology do you work with? Is it PHP, Node, Java, F# or C# based?
  3. What is your company culture and what incentives do you offer?
  4. How long have you existed as a company?
  5. Your website talks of 10+ Happy clients and I haven’t seen one being mentioned.
  6. 10+ Projects and not a review of one of your projects being mentioned on your site. I can’t tell if I have used any of the products you have built or not.


Good day. I understand your reservations.
Platohub is an R&D company, in our development section, we work with decentralized teams of highly talented developers and work with firms and startups both locally and internationally. Products ranging from educational, social to business review platforms. Both web and mobile platforms.
However and we can talk more about this.

Do give me a call: +2348133234532


Take a look at the product developed by one of our decentralized platoon(team) for a startup based in U.S that launched 2 weeks ago .
Interestingly all teams in Platohub work remotely!!!



I have no reservation. Just that your initial post didn’t exactly try to entice developers. However, you have said a lot more and this tells a better story of Platohub.


If you really need “experienced” developers to join your team, I advice you answer these questions.