formerly Musiccloud launches a new version and opens up to Africa


Almost a year ago we launched (formerly Musiccloud) a web platform for African emerging artiste to upload and share their music to people who love good unusual music.

Upon growth and continuous record of experience we are proud to say we have advanced from just a mere platform to an absolute interactive platform with an add of beat distribution as well (producers can sell and artistes can buy beats).

A good number of interesting features added and many bug fixes from the old version as well.
For those of you that will like to test, it’s just a test beat that’s uploaded for now but as soon as Paystack have us switched to a live mode we’ll be bringing pending beats to live.


  1. 20% charge per beat sold
  2. Audio ad
  3. Featured music (more like Facebook sponsored)
  4. Cover art design (we are partners with a graphic company)
  5. And some offline stunt :smiley:

Have any feedback for us? contact me.

Thanks for reading through this.