BuxMe: Disrupting local inter-bank money transfer


Who on here is part of this private better already? Please share your experience. Thanks


We haven’t given anyone access yet. An elusive bug tripped up the initial release date. We are currently moving to production as I type though. Invites should start going out from tomorrow morning.


Now all I want to do is lick Nutella. Brb.


The request form is not submitting, not sure if am the only one experiencing this.


Does that mean you and your team are bypassing the beta stage altogether?


What browser are you using? And web or mobile?


Nah. That bug was just too ominous to overlook…even for beta.


Mobile. Windows IE.


Hi All,

I’m happy to announce that invites have been sent out to all who registered on the site. You can now download from the Play Store.

Your feedback would be most appreciated.


Sir - claim cash links not working sir, they point to: http://apps.wemabank.com/buxmesecuredPilotSite/index.aspx


Hi @Dapo,

Are you sending money to a phone number?


Yes sir…


Cool Stuff… Great

But what service does it use to facilitate transfers…


Hi @Dapo

The issue’s been resolved. You should have gotten another SMS with the amount you tried to send earlier. Have you claimed it?


We’ve also moved from closed beta to open beta so if you are interested in being part of it, download the app here

…You can add me as a friend on the app (as long as you don’t disturb me with money requests).


Guess who is gonna be signing up just to send you money requests. :slight_smile:


Yea. Working now. Thanks. But pls remove the request money feature - that only will keep my Nigerians off (if you ever get to critical mass).


You might need to check your Google Dev portal for bug report.

-May I know if BuxMe is built to hold balance?
-Also don’t appreciate the fact that I need to login frequently to access my account. An optional app password would do.


Quick one:

The image of the phone’s frame on your website does not need to be 1690x2450 and 835KB.


Noted. New site is already in the works.