Bully Administrators : How To Delete Account on TechCabal Radar [Resolved]


Please can someone delete my account - Thank you


@Ernest_Charles things have escalated quickly from the first time you posted your site (rheto.com) for review.

There’ll be more acid from the larger market(audience). #keepthatinmind

Sure you’re ready to do business in Nigeria?


Business is good . Media controll is a distraction for us now .


Media manipulation? Really!

Bruv, you give radar too much credit. Folks nestle up here to productively kill time.


Sorry, Media controll . We are looking for way to delete our accounts here .







Interesting LOL :smiley:


Well that escalated quickly.





@seyitaylor I don’t know you but I am impressed that you don’t trade in pettiness.


You mean you want your account deleted?


I don’t see why the OP is being made fun of. Every forum should have a delete or deactivate an account button. So what gives?



Isn’t this your 3rd account?


My brother. I no see any thing funny hereoo… This bush people forget to add a delete account button. I brought my self so slow by entering this bad belly forum. Delete my account . Foolish admit.


What is your business with that? You are one of the the admin. Jack of all trades.


Are you asking or are you tell me what to do? . It is very hard to solve a problem, if you are black . I understand. No problem.


I like your laugh. You can laugh out loud at www.lanvals.com it is one of our 12 sites . But this one will fit you.


Now you are making a mess of this. Admins, oya padlock this thread


I hope this doesn’t descend into nairaland.


The OP sounds like a loony.


Hi guys. Thanks for the candour all round. We’ve been following the OPs activities across the forum with keen interest since he first showed up a few days ago, along with the alter egos they created toward whatever agenda they had in mind. They are in clear violation of Radar’s community rules and terms of service, and their case will be treated accordingly. Radar was intended to be a civilised, intelligent place of conversation for the technology community, and we are glad that we are mostly unanimous in our desire to keep it that way.

How do I delete my Radar account?

I’m glad you asked. Yes, you can delete your Radar account if you would like – provided you have one post or less. See the bottom of your user preferences.

One post or less? Yes. You will have to agree that it does not make sense that random people can go on a public forum, leave a trail of destruction in their wake, and hope to simply erase every trace of it, like it never happened. Radar’s terms state that if you would no longer like to participate in the discussion, you may simply discontinue using the site.

That notwithstanding, we will oblige the OPs request and delete their account. Along with all their other false proxies.

UPDATE: Deleting this account would require us to delete all the topics they created, destroying all the evidence and context of this thread in the process. That is not a great outcome for the community. The account has been suspended instead.

Again, thanks everyone for your candour and understanding. This topic is now closed. New replies are no longer allowed.

How do I delete my account?