#BuhariScoreCard - Tees that Appraise in one phrase


So, a friend, started a simple and fun social experiment on Facebook:

"Hey, people of Gosh, let’s do something fun. Here is it - Appraise Buhari (or his government) with a word or phrase from your profession. Use it in a sentence. It doesn’t matter if it’s a technical word. Make it a simple and clever sentence. Mention the profession (doesn’t have to be yours, but make it relevant, and follow it with your sentence). The criticism could be positive or whatever. Just express your feelings about the president and his government.
I’ll go first.
Marketing: Buhari’s supporters are experiencing buyer’s remorse.
Writing: Buhari has lost the plot.
Technology: There are bugs in the Nigerian systemOya, what’s yours?"

Full post here: https://www.facebook.com/chrisogunlowo/posts/10155251732810579

So, we at suvenia.com curated some of the best entries into tees at http://www.suvenia.com/buhariscorecard.

We are continuing to add designs, so you can also drop your own appraisal here or on the original posts on Facebook, and we can review how catchy it is, based on the likes it garners. Interestingly, we didn’t get that much kick-ass appraisal from the “technology” profession, because all the professionals were busy on Radar.

What’s in it for you?

As the original commenter/author, we recognise your intellectual property, so you get a pre-agreed margin off each sale.


Cc @akindolu, the quote generator of life and destiny.


You are lucky we have few politicians on this forum. To some of them Buhari has achieved so much.


They should also quote away, we remain neutrals in all of this.


Nice concept. But some of the print on the tees are not legible enough


Thank you for the feedback. We’ll make the adjustments on them.


Phone rings…
Me: Helloooo…
Caller: It’s the DSS
Caller: Did you see that T-Shirt post on radar, the one about Buhari?
Me: No, I didn’t… Please what is radar?
Caller: But I saw your profile…
Phone line drops… pummmmmm


Hahaha… The son of man only has one job.


I’m dying.


LoL! This one really funny… And not far from possible :ok_woman:


Small time, we’ll generate hashtag for him. #freeEkemini


I like #FreeEkemini…Sounds like a good movement! Please let us know when it happens so we can also create the tees :grin: :grinning:


Abeg o… ejor I no de house


Law |

Despite the ‘threat’ of DSS of ‘invading’ Radar :sweat_smile: I thought to share my own Buhari Score card phrase with a graphic representation.


DSS if una dey here dey watch, na play we dey o :joy:


Oh wow! Such aptness