Bola, Funkola and Odun, founders of here! Ask us anything!


Sorta. I’ll take it. For now. :grin:

Just wanna say that if I had actually practiced, I might have beaten y’all to it. My final year essay was in the role of technology in enhancing the Nigerian judiciary. My first would-be supervisor threatened to deal with me if I didn’t change my topic to something boring like Torts. I demurred and took it upstairs. The dean accommodated my request, but he never read a word of it. And I can’t find it. Goodluck y’all.


Hello @Korl,

I wish you will let us know who you are, although we think we know who you are :). You can just send Funkola and I an email ;).

First I was never Lead Counsel at FBN Capital, I was Legal Counsel and that is in my past life… Both Funkola and I are grateful for the opportunity to have worked in FBN Capital but we’ve left that life behind.

TLP and DIYlaw are two distinct entities. TLP is a law firm. DIYlaw is a technology company and no there is no possible merger in the near or distant future although there may be the occasional cross-selling every now and then.


Thank you for having us :).

Hope to see you on our when we launch!


Good luck with your venture, I think its a market fit idea but is it not against the law for law firms to advertise or commercialize like you intend? I often hear medical practitioners , pharmacist, lawyers and the likes are not suppose to advertise or come up mainstream like you intend, just curious.



@Odunoluwa how can I mail you privately?