Big Cabal is Hiring Developers


The Cabal is hiring!

We are currently looking for two beginner or mid-level developers to join our team as soon as possible. The roles we are looking for are -



Remote work available?


This is from the job description page

"- Extensive knowledge of HTML and CSS

  • Experience using CSS pre-processors such
    as SASS (or post-processors if that’s your
  • Experience using a task runner such as
  • Good knowledge of both vanilla JavaScript
    and jQuery
  • Experience with an MVC framework,
    preferably Angular 1 or 2
  • Experience building Wordpress themes
    Bonus Points:
  • Ability to markup a page without using
  • Experience with ES6
  • Knowledge of Accessibility and Semantic
    HTML. You know the difference between a
and a . - Knowledge of Performance and using DevTools to monitor - **Experience** with JavaScript on the server (Node.js) - **Experience** with a back-end framework such as Rails or Sails.js"

Why is this an internship?


My thoughts exactly.


What’s the problem? Should an intern have no knowledge to start with? Plus half of what is there is “bonus points”, not required.


The requirements seemed to me like you are looking for an “experienced” candidate.


Clearly she didn’t write 5 years experience with ES6 and etc.

Experience here could mean “I’ve played with it a bit” and that’s exactly what it means.

I don’t know many people starting out that haven’t played with one framework or the other and even WordPress.


Yes! The person will have to visit the office a couple times a week, maybe more in the beginning, but it’s definitely not a “be at the office 9-5” gig


I don’t see much wrong with it but maybe some of the “experience” can be replaced with “interest” just to communicate to whoever is applying that they will be learning and not just used for cheap labor…But overall, nice opportunity :+1:


The intention is to get someone who has “experience”. I’m not looking for someone who just wants to be a developer but has no experience in it at all, we’re not starting from scratch. Experience doesn’t mean the person is an expert at it, it just means that have played around with it and get the basics.


I understand you completely but things are not always read as they are written. My suggestion was to bridge those things (what is written and what is read) together. You wrote “experience” to mean “know the basics” and others write it to mean “be very good”. But yes I get your point.


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