Benue, anyone?


I will to know folks from Benue state that on this platform. I already know two guys from here.

If you are from Benue(you live in Benue or have lived and worked there) please comment.

Thank you.


North-bank represent!!!


Cool! Did you attend Benue Tech Forum’s event in January?


I think so. Held opp Benue hotels right?


Yup!! Nice to meet you here. V2 is loading… Promises to be bigger.


Makurdi here. I work at the University of Agriculture and I develop Android applications. :slight_smile:


Nice to meet you here. Were you at Benue Tech Forum’s event January this year?


No. I wasn’t. I am a youth corps member. I came to Benue in January. Is there going to be another conference any time soon?


Eeya, welcome to Benue state! I hope my people are treating you well.

On your question, yes! Something even bigger than January’s event is coming up January 2018! Be there :smile:


Developers in Benue let’s meet at this event


We are here. I rep Otukpo


Cool! I am from Otukpo too. Are you a technical guy?


Yes, front end


Cool! Hope we can meet at the upcoming DevC event in Mkd.


Min. of Edu, where is that? Address?


Do you know Benue hotels?


Yeah, I do.


Great! It’s right opposite Benue hotels


Here is a group picture from our Facebook Developer circles event yesterday!

We had a lot of fun talking about Facebook tech.