Automechanic startup?


Hi guys , I have been searching online for automechanic startups in Nigeria and it seems not too many are available , I came across autobox but the site seems to be suspended, does anybody know of other automechanic startups available . Also is automechanic actually a sustainable start-up in Nigeria and what could be the pros and cons of this start-up ?


Looking to play in this space too. I think there are are many problems to solve but repair services seem like the most viable. We can put heads together and discuss what it takes


that would not be a bad idea, but do you know how many have started so far and if they are actually succedding or failing , we dont want to be copying models , ti will be nice to carve out a niche or add some unique service features , you may inbox me !


So far, there are arguably no startups in the auto repairs niche for now. But I’m sure there are some guys cooking something behind the radar, judging by some domain name reservations. So, no stats for now. Will inbox you.