Are we, Mart.NG doing too much? A story of our recent grocery delivery in Abuja


Are we doing too much? There is something about this particular order today. Follow me, let me walk you through a bit.

At exactly 12:20 pm today, we got a notification from Paystack about the successful payment for this order depicted right below on This time, the customer didn’t choose the 59 minutes delivery method but the standard same-day/next-day delivery method.

Normally, according to our shipping policy, all orders placed on before 10:00 am with the standard delivery method get delivered the same day between 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm, but all orders placed after 10:00 am with the standard delivery method get delivered the next day. Sure, the 59 minutes delivery method is a boss on its own. We can deliver even at midnight (runs away).

So what happened today? When this particular order came in, we notified the customer that her order will be delivered the next day because it’s already passed 10:00 am and our delivery friend has already gone into the streets. Upon hearing that, she pleaded that we try our very best to deliver the order today that she so need it.

Considering the fact that we are still new in this industry and we need to grab all possible penetration strategies available, I decided to go and deliver the order with a taxi. There was no extra cost but there were extra energy and time.

When I got to her office at Jabi, Abuja, Oh my world, I had never seen someone as busy as her. She hardly saw my face. From her environment, she normally would not have the time to go shopping. That’s the height of the need for our services.

When she opened her package, she saw three green apples instead of two and she said: “I ordered two apples, here is three?”. I had to smile innermost and told her that it’s a welcome gift as a first time customer.

Now, when I asked her how she got to know about us, she said her friend recommended us. Awwwwwn! What a beautiful friend. I wish I know that her friend. Thank you so much, great friend if you are the one reading this now.

We appreciate you all for making us. We got more beautiful stories to tell together. Please, keep on your support and recommendations by sharing this story. Let’s keep building together.

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Wait, please, tell me, are we doing too much as against our comfortable shipping policy and capacity or are these part of the necessary customer satisfaction needs? Kindly let me know your takes below via comments.


Such a beautiful story. Well done Frank, not many people understand the value of serving customers selflessly especially as a very young business. The Sky is your starting point.


Thank you so much @eaweb. I appreciate this. We can only get better day-on-day. Bless up on your own projects.


Sometimes, so little means so much. Many Nigerian online businesses are yet to realize that mouth to mouth and online reviews, and customer satisfaction are what determines their fate. This is the reason why even the top dogs are yet to become profitable despite having millions of dollars, hundreds of staff and vehicles and whole warehouses at their disposal.

Good one there. You will definitely go places.


Thank you so much @moshood. I appreciate your words.