An Idea a Day


Well, I never realised that such a vibrant community existed here.
Anyways, I am on a personal challenge called An Idea a Day
The more ideas I create, the better I get at it. So, I’ll be reposting the ideas here to see what you think.
To see the ones I’ve already done, check out my website
Glad to be here. Looking forward to interacting with the community.


“An idea a day” for a total of how many days?


Six days so far. Today making the sixth.


Here is the one I just posted.

Cron Job pt 2: Social Service

Cron jobs!!! So today’s idea is actually an extension of my idea for 10/7/16. It was a way to get a service done on schedule.

So. I was discussing that idea with a couple friends and 2 issues kept coming up.

1. How to Verify the Service Men

Idea! Social proof!

Apart from getting scanned copies of their ID cards and utility bill to verify their names and addresses, every service man’s profile is tied to his Facebook profile.

People can endorse service men as experts in their field. The app will have a function where the service man asks his facebook friends to endorse him on the App. PS: This is also a way to gain popularity.

The users of the app can view who voted him up and who left a review. If any of his friends are there, the person calls his friend to ask his experience with that service man.

This should make it harder for people to game the system because;

  • There is a limit to people willing to create fake facebook profile to leave fake reviews/endorsements.

  • The main trigger is when a friend of the client has endorsed the service man.

2. How the Service is Priced

Each service man sets his hourly fee. Obviously, the people with the highest ratings cost the most.

Newbies would likely set their prices lower to attract more clients.

But for this to work, 3 people will be recommended one who is relatively costly, one closer to the average and another who is relatively cheap.

If the user is extremely impressed with the service man, he can specify that the he will be the one to come do the job every time the cron job has to run.

So these are my improvements on the original idea.

What do you think. Cool or Crap?

Link to blog post.


Ok. So today, I almost didn’t post anything. Thankfully, I haven’t skipped a day yet.
Anyways, here is it. Since I don’t have traffic on my blog yet, I’ll just have to get my reviews from here.

Stink Eye: Makes you more Consistent

I need a way to be more consistent and I’m betting you’re also looking to be more consistent.

We’ve all heard the sayings about being consistent and keeping at things. Little drops of water make the mighty ocean they said. Still, we procrastinate.

So my idea is a really fun way to be more consistent. If you want a more serious/detailed way, read this article.

A Consistent Problem

The problem is that we don’t account to anyone. It’s a lot easier to procrastinate if no one knows. I find that I keep to my word when it affects others but I can’t be accountable to myself.

It’s far too easy to give yourself a crap excuse and break a consistent cycle than to give the same crap reason to others. If I had not told so many people about this “An Idea a Day” challenge, I probably would have defaulted for some stupid reason.

The Solution

A really simple app. You set a goal, say what consistent action is necessary to achieve that goal, and say how you’ll prove that you carried out the action.

It’s connected to your Facebook account so all your friends (or some you specify) can view your goal. They’ll also be able to check if you ever default and what reason you gave for defaulting.

I think it’s time we put peer pressure to good use eh? All the people that strive for social approval, try and get outta this one :joy:.

Where’s the Stink Eye?

Whenever you default, there’s a collection of stink eye gifs that play. The less consistent you are, the worse the stink eye.

Have fun with it. Upload your custom gifs. You don’t want to disappoint your mom? Set a gif of her most disappointed look to play when you default. Have a group project? Set a group gif to play for any defaulters.

I promise this will make you more consistent!!!.

What do you think?
Cool or Crap?

link to original blog post.


It is a great idea generating one idea a day. I read one of your blog posts :thumbsup:

@stephenafamo, can I stretch your “idea muscle” a bit more by asking you to generate 10 ideas a day?

That’s how my mentor, James Altucher (a New York Times Bestseller) wants you to become the ultimate idea machine.

Will you try the challenge?


Ok. I will accept the challenge.
I’m having problems getting 1 idea a day much less 10!
Howeveer, nothing can be achieved in the comfort zone.


Read the linked article and I am determined to do it.
I’ll still post one major idea a day on my blog.
However, I will make a list of 10 more to post here/on my blog.
I must become an idea gneration machine!!! :joy:


So, I took up the challenge and have just published my first set of 10!!!

here is a link to the blog post

Ten Times the Effort

A reply to one of my posts on says I should try and generate 10 ideas a day so they are!!!

  1. A Nigerian art marketplace (eBay for art)

A joint place for artists to display and auction their art. Focused on beautiful visuals and art promotion.

  1. A marketplace for artisans (sort of like

A place where the numerous people that make bags, shoes, clothes, beads, jewelry e.t.c. can put them up for sale.

  1. Online gadget repair.

State the problem, state your address, it is picked up by DHL, shipped to us, we fix it, ship it back

  1. Small Scale Cinemas.

Sort of like the football viewing centers, mainly focused on Nollywood movies.

View movies at say N100. New movies every week

  1. A Network of football viewing centers.

A network of football viewing centers. They’ll sell season tickets and users will be able to watch at any branch.

The season tickets can be for all matches, matches of a single team or a single competition.

  1. Places… The next big social network

Think of a mashup between Instagram and Foursquare. All pictures must be geolocated.

Users can not only follow other users (like Instagram) but also follow a particular location. See all pictures taken at your faculty building, or within your house, or at your office.

Places can be reviewed, see a timeline of the pictures for a visual progression of that particular place.

A hook into google maps API so all the pictures can be seen on google maps.

  1. Food teleportation

Traveling and don’t want to carry that bag of rice?

Drop it at a rice seller near you and pick up another bag at your destination. For a small fee of course.

  1. BuShare (Bus-Sharing)

Most of our long distance travel is by bus. So this app will allow bus drivers register their route and time of departure. People then book the bus and their pick up point(must be along the route). The app could even get filling stations to act as pickup points.

No more waiting at parks, no more wasting of time. Simple an effective.

  1. Hunger No Longer.

Disclaimer: This is as a result of starving myself since morning.

If you have been hungry and started recalling all the times you wasted food, this will be the solution.

Think of it as a food bank account. When you have excess food, you call us, we pick up some extra food stuff of yours. When you’ve run out of food stuff, you can decide to withdraw from your account with us.

This is also a viable option if you think that the price of a certain food commodity is going to go up soon.

  1. Marketplace for influencers.

For people that need publicity but do not know who to contact.

A place where influencers can put up links to their social media profiles, the demographics they interact with, and the topics they cover.

Users will also be able to review the publicity they gained from their services.


I’m sure some of those ideas are cool, some funny, and most are probably crap. However, I’m really happy to have gotten TEN!

Whatever your reaction to them, please let me know in the comments.