An analysis of 2012 pitch that was sent to Rocket Internet


Thanks for sharing @markessien. Very informative.


Mark is a brilliant guy. His modest style of sharing insight inspires me


Mark’s findings surrounding the business case of Hotel ecommerce in 2012 were mostly empirical, which he clearly alluded to, which is also the basis of this retro analysis; confirming if they were on point or how far off the mark he was - pun un-intended.

As you can see in his revenue classification, and how wrongly he insinuated. So its not like Rocket dissed wrought ‘gold’ in that 2012 pitch, they however missed the finer print in that pitch that suggested Mark was going to be a competitor.

I believe Jovago was already in the works by 2012.


You are correct. It was already in the works.


Morale of the story : Do not send a pitch to Rocket if you know you aren’t going to be, much strong, a competition…


Clap for yourself !!! :slight_smile:


I believe Mark did the right thing, its better you try and fail than you never even tried. Two things could have happened for a purpose driven person like Mark, Rocket buys the Idea and seats with him to build a great company, or they ignore him (do and Mark still goes ahead and continue to dream and build I like people who dare to dream rather than, out of fear never move an inch. So I would say Morale of this all is, always dream even if people around you dont believe in it, you should just go ahead.


Boss, I think you’ve gone above and beyond the scope of the discourse and turned it into a motivational something.


Maybe Motivational to you, its my personal opinion. I dont believe people should be afraid of putting out things. I meet young entrepreneurs everyday and the question I always get is how do I protect my dream? For me its not about protecting, because the more you hide it and never get it out the more you never really know what could have happened. If you see that as motivational, then very good you are motivated.


Exactly. I doubt anyone here said you should hide your dream. I was particularly referring to your last line. We are specifically discussing the pitch that was sent to Rocket, and there’s an entire context here - plus the openness and honesty of the founder 4 years after. Not the fact that he did/didn’t follow his dream.


Oh okay, I think you must have missed Gabe’s comment then, I was particularly responding to his comment. If that had offended you or taken you off the issue, then I would say sorry. (gabe
Morale of the story : Do not send a pitch to Rocket if you know you aren’t going to be, much strong, a competition…). Hope that clears your issues with my post?


Offend? Lol. My takeaway from his post was to not send a pitch to Rocket, as @MrASulaiman quoted. Who has it worked for, ever? There’s ultimately no point. Mark did admit he was new to these things at the time.


Thats great, its your take away? Cool, I have given my own opinion i dont think you should see mine as an issue? Just saying. I got a different fill to what he said and gave my opinion. Simple and Short. No need for this forth and back, lets stay focused. Everyone has a right to an opinion, so just leave it at that. I would say again, if you feel you need to speak to someone you perceive as going to help your business and its does not work, you should look else were, thats why its called a hustle. Regards


And that’s how a lighthearted retort turned into a fight. :open_mouth:


@TheRealSimeon; read the quote above and you would agree that’s closer to ‘Morale of the Story’ as compared to you and @gabe highlight.

As Mark mentioned, he didn’t think his thoughts around the business were particularly wrong – the important things were correct, and that’s what kept alive and allowed him ultimately grow to become a big business.

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