All Nigerian Banks are shutting down today


OK. That isn’t entirely true. Or is it?
Is lack of innovation killing our banks?
Nigeria is the giant of Africa yet we are one of the slowest countries to adopt emerging technologies. Nigerian banks are synonymous with terrible network issues, long queues, bad customer service, & a list of other issues that would make one lose faith In them.

So before I liquidate all my assets into cryptocurrency, what would you like to be changed in our banking system?

What new features can be injected into the banking system to cause it to be more efficient and dependable?

Please let’s join heads together and bring out ideas that would change the way we do banking in Nigeria.

Fabian Amicki
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How much more innovative do we want our banks to be?

Before we present a laundry list of features that banks need to implement to better serve their customers, we have to think about the infrastructure that is available for them to build these features on and if they even have a target market for these new features.

I do agree that we haven’t latched onto emerging technologies as quickly as other countries may have, but we are getting there - slow but still moving. It’s not going to take a few months to turn our banks into super banks but we do need to patient with the system.


You should probably liquidate into legal tender and stuffs


I think recently most banks are taking their internet banking services more seriously, by revamping their web and mobile apps. It wasn’t like this in 2012 when I used only a third party like quickteller for fund transfer via internet.

On the other side I think we(customers) need to start using these new services. For example my old school data will queue for minutes to withdraw 20k from bank A and then queue up at bank B for another plenty minutes to deposit that 20k. This is his old way of sending money to my kid brother. But if he used bank A’s mobile app, it will take less 5 minutes to get that money to bank B.

I can say the same thing about our filling stations and other Marchant. Maybe we are part of the problem too.


What about complete social media autonomous banking and customer service using AI?


For your clickbait alone, you don’t get a proper answer from me.


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Playing devils advocate here…

I actually feel our Banks are on the right path, abit slow…but on the right path… alone is proof that our banks are filled with smart humans…


If you didn’t want answer, you shouldn’t have said anything.