Algolia Search with Angular 4


Algolia search optimizes your searches to the best way possible.

Algolia is a U.S. startup company offering a web search product through a SaaS (software as a service) model. The Algolia model provides search as a service, offering web search across a client’s website using an externally hosted search engine. Although in-site search has long been available from general web search providers such as Google, this is typically done as a subset of general web searching. The search engine crawls or spiders the web at large, including the client site, and then offers search features restricted to only that target site. This is a large and complex task, available only to large organisations at the scale of Google or Microsoft. — Wikipedia

Using Algolia search with Angular 4 has been very frustrating because I haven’t seen any tutorial which covered the use of Algolia Instantsearch.js with Angular 4 and make the Angular directives work with it.

All that was available was just using Algolia with Javascript and jQuery.So I had to write about it. The link below

Algolia Instantsearch.js infused with Angular 4

I hope it helps you.

Full Disclosure: I was neither paid nor do I work for Algolia … Just doing this to help people who are having issues with using the algolia instantsearch.


Do you work for algolia? Were you paid to do this?. Please add a disclosure to this.