Airsob: A super cheap, highly reliable SMS API for Nigerian Web and Mobile Apps


@akachukwu Good job fam.


The ‘sob’ group of products (Netsob, Airsob, [insert name]sob) is a portfolio i am, personally, quite excited about.

Airsob works as described. Really looking forward to giving it a go - full scale.

Cheers @light


I agreed with you in case of OTP SMS this service suits in the best way


@Light what’s up with your service ? I really need this urgently for my platform formerly
I see that the registration is still not available yet even after several months of mentioning it here on Radar.
How can I deploy your service immediately on my web application ? please do let me know.


Hello @Uduak,. I would like to know how you registered your sender ID for DND. How can I contact you please?


If you do not mind, we can help you register your Sender ID with MTN. You will need to apply through us and also attach a copy of your company’s CAC Certificate. We have done this for some MFBs and companies and it is working fine.


You may want to try out Duphlux …it eliminates the need for SMS especially where it is mission critical.


how can I contact you please?


Good morning, send a mail to


Is airsob now publicly available? @Light


Unfortunately, not yet.


At this point (2 months to a year now), I think it’s pertinent to ask:
Will it ever be publicly available?


Okay, I think I should use this opportunity to explain why most of our APIs are not yet publicly available.

You see, Airsob (like our other APIs), is not our primary job. Netsob is what we do for a living: that’s what pays the bill. Airsob was just a tool we built to help us send and receive SMS and we’ve been using it in-house for over a year now.

When we initially pitched it on Radar, we thought we could open it up to the public after a few weeks but then things became really hectic at Netsob and we no longer had the time to complete work on Airsob.

The core technology is already completely stable (like I said, we’ve already been using it for over a year now). It’s just cleaning it up and making it presentable so that outsiders can also use it that we’ve not gotten around to do.

So to answer your question directly @ukay, it will definitely be publicly available. It’s just the “when” that I don’t know.


Hi @Light

I think Netsob is a superb idea and I’m sure it has made a lot of difference to people. Kudos and well done.

Having said that, the quote below is very odd.

If it’s stable and people are willing to pay you to use it, what is this “cleaning up” you need to do? If the code contains cruft, dude don’t worry about it. You can also open source it and build a community that will help you improve your tool.