African Short Film VoD platform comes to life in record time! Thanks to TechCabal Radar


This is awesome. Just watched a few with my dodgy internet connection and there were no breaks at all. Is it necessary though to sign in to like a video?


Really impressed with this. “African” shorts is a niche and I believe undeserved market. Well done.
And it’s so cute that y’all met here. :slightly_smiling:


Glad youre loving hubrif! To be honest we also dont like that people have to sign in to like. It creates a door-slam effect to the whole experience. However if you look around most vod platforms require this and there is a subtle technical reason behind it. Loging in is the only way to tie a person to a like. Without it, its possible for you to like a film 200 times. Because we cant tell that youve liked it in the past. Also without login anyone can write a bot to post 1,000,000 likes to every film on the platform since no identity is required for that action. Even more concerning, anyone can post 1,000,000 dislikes to any video on the platform. This would seriously damage the credibility of the platform and skew our recommendation algorithms.
However with the login, after you like once, we are able to not count subsequent likes to the same film. This maintains the fidelity of our platform.

We have experimented with other semantics in the past that dont force people to sign in, but I have not yet come across one that is infallible yet not tacky/hacky. If any devs on here have any ideas, please sound then out :slight_smile:


Thanks for your kind words @Sherrytums :slight_smile:


Fair enough. Maybe you could introduce a social login option so users do not have to deal with yet another set of login details?


This is true. Currently working on Facebook, and Google login, but we’ll add more as required.

Great feedback!


Awesome. Well done!


@fathermerry, Now you’ve got what you have always wanted. We hope hubrif will be able to do much more in the long run. thanks alot for the comment and the design link.


@sherrytums. thanks alot for the comment. and yes! African shorts is an underserved niche born out of my own experience as a filmmaker myself. We hope hubrif will be able to achieve its vision and much more. thanks again pal


@foggy, we are happy that you were able to enjoy uninterrupted streaming despite our broadband issues. we know that this is a major problem and if hubrif will survive, then we have to find a way solving this streaming problem. am glad that our test solution worked fine for you. lets hope more visitors will be able to enjoy seamless streaming as u did. thanks for the comment pal. really appreciate you checking it out

1 year after hubrif was born. My experience so far as a startup co-founder

Like the website and like the bromance that has resulted from this platform. I’d like to see more of this than the unnecessary drama :slightly_smiling:.

As you continue to add more videos could you consider perhaps hyperlinking the film maker’s name so that you can easily see a list of all the videos from that particular person?


If you don’t WANT to force people to sign up, you can think about below:

When people click like, suggest some pictures for them to identify to know if they are robot or not. You can also show one like button and hide another one and bot will always look out for like button; whenever it clicks both the visible like button and the hidden one, you know it is a robot.You can also measure the time taken to click like and click suggested images,if it is too fast, you know it is a bot… I don’t say these are perfect… but use them as foundation to develop viable techniques…" IT IS POSSIBLE TO BREAK THE JINX" if only you don’t want to force users to sign up…cheers


Congrats for your launch.

Like every community and content-driven platform, we always have “a chicken and egg problem” In this case, Users will come when there are content and content producers will come when users views exist.

I checked out that @FatherMerry pointed out. After checking their website, I noted some recommendations that might help you scale usage. Seems usage is also a major concern for @PapaOlabode

Below are my thought:

1. The video display (on web) for the each movies is small. I will like a screen view almost as big as

2. The growth of the platform will be driven by content. I noticed Votd.TV gives daily awards to short clips submitted. This way they have flipped the coin on content generation to their audience. I am not a subject matter specialist on African short clips; so I don’t know the market size of the creators: but I know you need to woo them in (and even amateurs) by answering this question for them: What Is In It For Me . A weekly award for shortfilm might be the answer. While this might burn your pocket for a while, it will help you to get initial traction and eyeballs to the site. To win your weekly competition, each entry will be judged on number of views and engagements it gathered.

3. Introduce “brands” into the plot.

Here is one of the videos I watched on It is actually an “ad” for ASDA.

So, here is my idea in its original form (similar to 2 above): Run a contest on the platform asking contributors to create a short story with insertions from a particular brand (lets say GLO) and then you allow them to send traffic to their videos so that the videos with the highest engagement gets to win something.

This way, you help the brand to get exposure in a non-traditional way, you promote your platform and creators’ shortfilms are remunerated. WIN-WIN-WIN

4… To followup on @Ayobami_Ogundiran’s recommendations. You can allow social login or TRY this idea. When someone clicks “like” tell them to open an account so that their like will be visible on the platform. has this intuitive step when you want to comment or “love” a post.

These are my 2 “growth hacking” cents in addition to all the good stuffs from @PapaOlabode, @FatherMerry, @xolubi, @Tola , @johne and @Ayobami_Ogundiran. The truth is that it is rare for the first 4 folks to be on the same vertical on issues on Radar. You guys must be lucky since you have them on the same side :slightly_smiling:


Great option @Ayobami_Ogundiran its effectively using a captcha. This is great for blocking bots, however it wouldn’t stop a human from mashing the like button several times. I could store a cookie which disables the like button after one click but what if your brother uses your laptop to watch the same film and wants to like it too? Also security by cookie is an oxymoron.

Great idea though!


Great comments @spokentwice, thanks a lot for the comments/recommendations. @Oluwatobi_Ogunwande is actively working on things like strategy, monetization, and figuring out how to incentivize content creators to come onto the platform. We are definitely intrigued by the “periodic contest” angle.

There is a functional reason for why the video player isn’t very large. This is so that viewers can still see other video recommendations in the cut, without scrolling. This is necessary for better user engagement. If we wan’t to make the video player larger, we would have to experiment with placing video recommendations on a column to the right, beside the video player (similar to YouTube and Viddsee).

Thanks again!


I see you point, but you can workaround this to some extent: When a device visit your website , identify it by any reasonably possible means such as using cookie or any other means; you don’t have to disable the like button. Just match the visiting device with it identity stored and prompt that someone else has liked the same video with the same device but ask whether the user wants to like as a new person. If yes, allow it. If the same device likes the same video three times disallow such action thereafter and ask the owner to signup with Facebook. Period, right?

Where is share button? Isn’t it that the videos are confidential or what?


Congratulations! What an impressive concept and very much needed. Looking forward to seeing more. :blush::blush:


@Ayobami_Ogundiran you don’t seem to understand what @johne is trying to achieve by making sure you signup before you like a video, imagine a situation where you don’t need to signup to like a video, you end up having one person like a video more than once; this will make the entire system not credible. and about tying the likes to cookies, first you know cookies are not reliable, also what happens if i get to watch a movie from a public computer, likes it and some other person comes to view the same clip with it, also cookies can be deleted you know. if you really like a product you just have to signup to use it. i think the best thing he should do in this regards is probably add oAuth authentication as someone pointed out earlier. in that way people wouldn’t need to really re-enter login details.

NB: He isn’t even trying to solve a Bot problem at this point, it about human who might want to cause mischief, coupled with a nice user Xperience


Nice!! I have a couple of short films I would like to submit myself. I’ll be sending you an email soon!


Having people sign up is a good move in my opinion cos it will help you have data that will be valuable to advertisers wen they come calling.