Accion Venture Lab Company Builder (fintech)


Accion Venture Lab believes that startups can re-imagine what is possible and bring transformative innovations to the financial services sector. To that end, we have invested in more than 30 startups around the world that leverage innovative technology and business models to offer financial solutions that are of higher quality, cheaper, faster, more convenient, safer, and more accessible than the status quo – including Nigeria’s own Lidya.

Accion Venture Lab’s Company Builder (AVLCB) is bringing together extraordinary people to build inclusive consumer-facing fintech startups from scratch in Nigeria. AVLCB will work with you to build the business from the ground up, leveraging our global knowledge and expertise in fintech models for financial inclusion and providing financial and non-financial support as the business scales.

For us, fintech includes all types of financial services businesses (including insurance), as well as those that help to increase access to financial services (alternative credit scoring, phycometrics). While we are looking for people with financial services, technical, and product expertise, other relevant experience may include blockchain, data science, game development, FMCG/MNO distribution, and digital security.

Check out theAccion Venture Lab Company Builder Overview & Application for details and let me know if you have any questions.


Hey thomas.

I already spent time exploring several models. i would welcome the opportunity to be a part of this


We would be happy to have you, please check out for all of the relevant information and a link to the application.


Check out this Medium post about Accion Venture Lab’s Company Builder program:

Take a shot at Accion Venture Lab Company Builder Program


Okay thomas applied already though I did not get a response yet. my email is


Extraordinary People Needed: Start A Tech Company to Bring Financial Services to All Nigerians Next opportunity for African fintech companies is serving low-income consumers

150 million underserved consumers sounds like an opportunity to us, check out my Medium post about why we are looking for you.