A simple personal expense tracker


Again, it’s Nigeria. Government Policies won’t let you be great :unamused::unamused::unamused:


So what do we do with the Government then, another election I guess


First “pull request” is in from @TeleDaveDeko

It’s far more complex than mine, but it’s great for people who want to pinch those pennies. Merging the best of both trackers over the weekend should be interesting.


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Pocket Padding?


@lordbanks answer o! Are you buying for your extended family too? Or wait! Maybe toilet paper is the newspaper he reads while sitting on the loo.:joy::joy:


LOL! E talk se na dummy


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this is really nice…i think i would try create an interface for mine sah even if na web interface but nice one…bows




If I hear…


I second that…Boyz, play nice…smile


The newly released Remita App (Beta) has an expense chart that can also help achieve this.


Good one there @lordbanks. It’s good to see people taking action, rather than waiting (and wailing :wink:).

I use Monefy to track personal expenses, and export an Excel format when the need arise.


A while ago, I was using mint.com , theirs was easy as I connected my cards and bank account to it, so the tracking was being done automatically…

It actually helped to reduce my expense… Cant use them anymore because am in a different country with a different bank altogether now.


Finally tried out the tracker, and I have to say :+1: :+1:. Feels like I’m using a well-crafted app. Neat documentation, too.

I’m wondering why “Cash withdrawal” is on the list of expenses, though. Even if it’s dummy data, it’s somewhat misleading, because the things you spend the cash on still get recorded as expenses.


This makes me very happy :smile: thank you.

About the cashdrawal entry, you have a point that it might be misleading dummy data, but the context for me is that my spend is almost exclusively electronic, but I keep some random cash around in case of “incasity”. I will remove it afterall, it’s not necessary.


I tried using it. I don’t like to leave alerts on my phone and I noticed that as soon as I delete my alerts, there’s no info in the app


Hi @deaduramilade - first let me just say a big thank you for downloading and trying out the app it means a lot to us that you took time out to give it a go.

Can I just ask when you actually downloaded the app? We now have a new version that allows the app to persist data, so even if you delete your SMS, the app should still function fine. The reason for upgrading the app to do this is to allow us develop more functionality on the app, provide you with better insight into how you could save and manage your money better. In other to do all of this wonderful things and more, the app needs data contained in the SMS.

I think you will find when we release our next version shortly that it will be worth it. Also I understand your security concerns for deleting your SMS and want to state that all the wonderful things the app does including using the data it gets from SMS alerts always stay on your device. Also at no point does the app request for or use sensitive details like ATM Pin or online passcode. You can read more about our privacy policy here http://goodwealth.com.ng/privacy.html

I will let your know as soon as the new version is ready so that you can test and give us some feedback, in the mean time if you still have any concerns please feel free to reach out to me.

Thanks once again for trying GoodWealth.


I downloaded it a while ago. Can’t remember. Maybe late February. I’ll look out for the update.