A little update on what Radar is and not


Hi guys,

Radar started as a forum for actual important tech conversations in Nigeria and most of Africa. It has attracted a lot of thinking people to be part of these conversations.

Bankole posted what Radar is and not but 2 years, conversations here, have gone pedestrian especially because of the quality of topics.

Here is a little update:

  1. Radar is not a place to open support ticket for your favorite service. If you have to rant about it, create a Twitter account.

  2. Radar is not a place to request information, contacts or otherwise about your favorite service or startup. They have a website and if for some weird reasons, they have no contact information on their website. Maybe, just maybe you shouldn’t use them.

  3. If you can Google it and get your answers, don’t post it here.

I have been granted some powers and I’ll be closing and deleting topics in my free time. If you have a problem with that, talk to Bankole or Seyi to downgrade me. Easy.

Bless forward.


I think reviewing a tech product/service is (or should be) fine. It only turns into a ‘support ticket’ if the review is negative and the provider of that service comes on here to defend themselves, which isn’t really the fault of the original poster.

Radar started as a forum for actual important tech conversations in Nigeria and most of Africa, yes - and “Is tech product X living up to its media hype? Do they have excellent support?” is an important tech conversation as far as I’m concerned.

I personally like these crowdsourced reviews because I’m learning what services to avoid and which ones work well (e.g. based off of recent topics, I’ve learned that Alat and Tizeti seem to have subpar support, and as I don’t like signing up for things, I’m more likely to buy from Jumia until Konga enables guest checkout, etc).

Fwiw, I agree with Points 2 & 3, but I’m curious to know why you think the ‘support ticket’ conversations are not worth having here.


Is that why you closed my topic? Yes, it’s not a place to create a support ticket. If you read my post properly you would see that I had been calling ALAT for 3 days straight. So I didn’t come here to rant. I only came to share my experience considering this was the first place I heard about ALAT plus this is a forum for techies. Probably as I have shared my experience ALAT guys can improve and we have a better tech ecosystem, learn from each other. But no, you had a little power and you thought you can just exercise it or close topics. You just displayed what a typical Nigerian would do when he gets a little power. I’m guessing this would also make you block me. Good luck with that too!


Bro. Don’t take this personal, this isn’t about what a “Typical Nigerian” would do, but about what is right. Just as he has mentioned we need to maintain decorum in this community, for a while now i myself have noticed that a lot of post here hasn’t been impressive enough to stimulate a discourse, and if we should continue down this part, Radar would be a dump site. And we all don’t want that.


Jisos. I was about to post. Now I have to go an reread my post, before I post. Now going under the radar…


You’re doing the Lord’s work, Sola. Been thinking about how Radar was beginning to become a tragedy. Glad to see the powers that be still care. There are a few topics already on the frontpage that are highly questionable.


Did you read my post? If you didn’t please go and read what I originally posted about ALAT.

He closed my post and then made this post. If you read the post you will see that I actually tried to contact alat first for three days straight. I had no results.

I understand that there needs to be rules and decorum but if we can’t post such things I posted here then why is there a radar in the first place? How do we share experiences? How do we grow the ecosystem? How do we learn from each other? I didn’t take it personal I was only calling him out to what he did and the tone at which he wrote this post. Did you see the last lines of his post? The way he carried his admin power on his shoulders? Telling us to take it with Bankole or Seyi… Lol. I hope he enjoys his powers!


You may be doing the Lord’ work Sola but remember… along the way, you will face persecution. Just make sure you use the right approach.


Some how I think it was in their own best interest they shutdown your post so as not to be seen as being partial against any particular brand or service.

Yes, you can post your product, startup and other tech related articles but when it has to do with service delivery, its best you call out the service provider directly on their Social Media platform if they don’t have any direct contact address or not responding to your calls.

I personally do this very often and I tell you, they all respond immediately to my Tweet …to check their DM though :slight_smile:

Please lets not turn Radar into what will kill it. Thanks you.


I believe that it is only fair that startups who gather their first customers on Radar should also be called out on same radar.


Before you make a post or comment, think a minute and imagine everyone doing the same thing, then consider what the experience will look like.

Always see your contribution is usually a net-positive. Radar is not created to essentially feed traffic to your startup/blog, get answers to your Googleable questions, a job board especially if you are not active, a means to shame another startup or founder with anonymous account or to defend or praise yourself with anonymous account.

Before you take or ask, give and then give. There are lots of interesting events and conversations that can happen. Let’s have those.


These are valid rejoinders.


Whoever said he wants to clean up radar. I think u will end up messing things up. Serious. If people post sponsored comments and we use their service. We should be able to critique or speak of the problems we encountered with their company.

Better still open a different category for such. If people have to worry too much before posting the minds in tech stuff, then it would won’t be long they will be going under the radar.


When they use radar to create traction, it is not a problem but when radar is being used to appraise them, it becomes an issue. Pedestrian or not, this is a tech space…people will post different sorts but we should try accomodate and categorize.
Product designers have learned a lot here from the highs and lows.


A little update on what Radar is and not

I’ll be that guy. You missed an “is”. :smiley:


@akindolu Please describe what kind of post are considered to be important.