A developer co-founder needed


A co-founder proficient in web and android application development is needed to build and manage a subscription based app.
Finance and Admin already taken care of. Compensation is based on equity and the developer could be anywhere.


Let me guess, you have this wonderful idea that is going to change the world, you just need someone to code it. You have no idea how many times Software Developers have heard this story.

To make matters worse you just created this account 12 hours ago. Just know you’re about to piss some people off.


Change the world is an overreach e for effort on sacarsm tho
people want to make money. Developing is about ideas and no idea is original.
Requests like this will keep coming up, some will work out, some won’t, c’est la vie.

How does being new to radar piss people off?


The point is, basically you created this account to find a dev to work on your idea.
Look man I’m not trying to knock your hustle or anything, hopefully you find an amazing co-founder.

All the best.


You may have to give more details on whether you prefer the person to be located wherever you are or remote is cool and other such details. That is, if you want to pre-select your target demographic.

You may also have to specify what tech stack (especially for the web part) you want or state if you have no preference.

I guess Radar members get impatient when new members don’t know these things.


thanks stig


I understand your sentiments, but what about those that don’t have developer friends and there’s no medium for recommendation?
About the stranger talk, that’s why we sign contracts to protect us. I’m a business guy, believe me; starting a business with your friend is a bad idea on the long run.
you can still link me to your developer friends though :grinning:


Hope you are getting pm(s) from interested people?


You should actually try learning a bit about your options for building the product and test the viability of your idea. Landing pages, click through rates, email signups etc… These are the things that would pique a devs interest. There are a million and one ideas, more ideas than developers, the difference would be made when you show the numbers and show you know exactly what you want… But hey, I’m just saying… after all you should already know this, you are a business man :slight_smile:

Also: There are many other great communities for finding developers. Hint: Developers share a lot of things in common. That said, check out Devcenter.