13 Courier Services in Lagos you can try. What have we missed?


13 courier services in Lagos you can try

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Courier Services ensure entrepreneurs get their products delivered to their customers safe and as snappy as possible. In a mega city like Lagos, it is impossible to “self” deliver goods to every client. There is quite a high chance of disappointing some of your customers if you attempt self-delivery.

Send goods safely to your customers.

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Any comment? Tell me what we’ve missed.


I love Max, fantastic service.


Hi there, does any of these courier services have an api open for the public?


No info on this yet. I will do a research to see if there’s any?


An update for this post will roll out on Friday. It will cover tools you can use for self-delivery if you must deliver goods yourself.


At some point, you may need to self deliver goods. When that happens, here’s all you will need. Read the article on our website via link below…


Quick question, I just ordered an item from Jumia (first time user) and I was expecting a world class tracking capability, like rel time tracking of where my parcel is at. Instead is just a “Your parcel is here map”. Thats very poor. So my question is there any courier service provider that has such real time tracking capability even if its to know where there deliverers are (e.g an ondemand campany like …)


Yes, there are. A post listing this will be published this week. When we publish, I will inform you.